The main characteristics of Ensálsate, which are fusions of Salsa and dances from around the world, have represented during each season since its beginnings until the current 2017 season, “La Guarachera”.

The 2015 Season:  Caribe, Colombia and its Salsa

During this spectacle, Ensálsate takes you on a voyage through the flavors of the Caribbean, rapid hip movements and the exhibition of Colombian rhythms which culminate in the Cali distinctive celebration, city which is also known as the World of Salsa Capital.

The Show is divided into three acts where the first one is filled with joy, and flavor from the Caribbean infused by Bolero, Chachacha and contemporary dances like, Bachata and Merengue, among others. It is categorized by its majesty and sparkly wardrobes and hairstyles, illustrative of the Cuban cabarets from the past.  The second act is devoted to the brilliance of Colombia. Fusions of Salsa from Cali with rhythms like Cumbia, Corrulao, Mapale, Porro, Chocoano, Zambuco and the Pasillo Volao to make audiences jump and take part of the dances that have made history in Colombia to this day.  The culminating third act is filled with energy, where a demonstration of feet movements at the “Cali Style” distinguishes it from all other dances.

Orchestra: Sounare 

Dance Companies: Tango Vivo, Salsa Viva, Pioneros del Ritmo y Nueva Juventud.

Artistic Director: Albeiro Quiróz

Direction and Stage Production: Edwin Chica.