Who we are

The Ensálsate Foundation was born with the purpose of creating a professional realm from the dance field. The idea came together to help young, and low-income artists who found in this profession a tool to support their own artistic integrity and cultural roots, build a way of life. The main purpose of the Foundation is also based on the belief that the arts, social initiatives and business disciplines can work together to form, and contribute to a better world for so many.


  • To positively impact the most vulnerable population from low income areas. To  find in the art of dancing, a professional movement that could keep them away from many of the negative circumstances of their lives.
  • To provide social safety nets for the entire artistic staff, and for everyone else who is involved with the show.
  • To generate a source of income for artists who by deciding to make dance their sole profession, this will contribute to their way of life and their families.
  • Employ local fashion and costume designers, and scenography personnel who are mostly heads of their families.


Our mission is to offer the highest quality “Salsa” artistry, while strengthening our heritage and cultural roots, and provide a place where show attendees can participate, and enjoy a most unforgettable experience.

Values and Commitment

  • Social commitment:  responsible for working to improve the quality of life of the community.
  • A commitment to a greater power, team work, to common good, civil responsibility, and acceptance.
  • First and foremost, we respect human differences and believe in an inclusive society.
  • Respect for the arts, our co-workers and the public.
  • Discipline is used as a tool to achieve our main goals.
  • Integrity while creating a clear and honest environment with purposes of generating trust to our people, the public, vendors and the community.
  • Creativity and innovation are the bases for achieving a successful and long running show.
  • We believe that willingness, determination, energy, laws and universal truth transcend the human capabilities and express all that is beautiful in its form.

Management and Staff

Corporate Director: Blanca Victoria Granados.
Administrative Director: Carolina Jiménez.
Ticket Sales: Lina María Valencia.
Commercial Coordinator: Yessele Coy Cardozo.
Administrative Assistant: Marcela Santana.
Director of Communications: Carol Andrea Briñes.
Public Relations: Ana Milena Gutiérrez.
Graphic Design: Strohhaker.
Director and On-Stage Producer: Edwin Chica.
Musical Director: Oscar del Castillo.
Sound Engineer: Alexander Correa
Lighting and Sound: 360 Group.
Logistics: E&P Eventos y Producciones.
Wardrobe Chief: Juan Carlos Gallego.
Production Coordinator: Wilmar Tafur.